About Write-Now

Write-Now is a small consultancy offering a range of services that promote good writing. I facilitate creative writing workshops, professional writing courses, write-shops for groups co-authoring a publication, and writing support processes for post-graduate students. My editorial services ensure that you achieve a finished product that captures your purpose, key messages and personality with flair. I specialise in editing collaborative publications, plain English editing, and working with those writing in their second language.

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About Sandra

Sandra Hill is a writer and writing facilitator with many years of experience working with groups and civil society organisations from across the continent and abroad. While working for the Community Development Resource Association (CDRA), she pioneered an approach to using writing as a method of activism, inquiry, professional development and communication. She also pioneered the popular Writing for Development Courses, teaching writing in a way that brought both process and product alive. She says, ‘Writing is so much more than a technical competency, it is also a creative process of thinking, learning and expression’. Her own non-fiction writing has been published by Cape Flats Nature, Women on Farms Project, and the Community Development Resource Association. She has edited papers, reports, collaborative publications and books for a range of local and international organisations.

Sandra also works with groups of people who write for the love of it. Her flagship creative writing course, Write Through Your Heart, is named after a firm belief that good writing requires you to route your writing through your heart as much as it requires mastery of the craft. Sandra’s debut collection of short stories, UnSettled and other stories, was published by Modjaji Books in 2015 and won the SALA Nadine Gordimer Short Story award in 2016. Her poetry and other prose has been published by New Contrast, Aerodrome, Jacana and Umuzi. Sandra has a Master’s Degree (cum laude) in Creative Writing.


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