Academic Support Processes – available on request

academic support

I offer writing workshops to small groups of post-graduate students.  The focus of each workshop depends on your needs, and can include … experiencing academic writing as a creative process, enhancing writing skills, overcoming writing obstacles, building good habits, reviewing current status of and relationship to your dissertation, using writing as a tool of inquiry, distilling essence, remembering purpose, shaping, pruning and editing, – and dealing with feedback.

Speak to your fellow students and/or supervisor about organising a workshop within your department, or if you prefer, at a non-academic venue.

Word of mouth

Sandra's brief was detailed and complex: to run a process which brought together creative writing with the rigour and necessities of an academic piece in a way that was relevant to each MA student. She managed to fulfil every aspect of the brief, and more. Every person who attended her workshop came away challenged, supported, inspired, enlivened, encouraged, excited and galvanised to begin their writing. All our students loved the process, and loved Sandra - her relaxed, easy, open and very focused style. I strongly recommend her to work with post-graduate students preparing to write their dissertations. - Sue

The workshop was very useful and it is something I will use in my writing. It has also given me more confidence in my ability to write and take ownership of my writing and ideas. - Pumla

I have been struggling with writing and the actual thought-process behind it. My LLM proposal should be much better now. - Vicky

Writing with agency! I have explored another way of thinking that will really help my academic writing. - Xolela