Whether you write memoir, poetry, short stories, novels, blog posts, … or simply want an opportunity to try it out, this course offers an immersion in creative writing’s essential aspects to keep you writing through the heart. We’ll focus on observation, generative techniques, voice, specificity, evoking feeling, developing characters, crafting scenes, shaping and prunin[...]
    A story recounts a sequence of events. It tells us something about someone somewhere, and that something usually has to do with change … big or small. In short stories, the something is usually just one thing, one specific moment, event, incident, action, or conflict. Short stories are not just shorter than longer stories, they are decidedly more focused and intense. Thi[...]
  Write for Life offers a range of facilitated writing retreats. The first retreat of 2017, focuses on what's good in life, and looks at Hope and her two beautiful daughters, Anger and Courage. This short retreat is for anyone wanting to ease into reflective writing or expand their journaling practice. It is for anyone wanting to pause, take stock, and live with a little more he[...]