I offer writing workshops to small groups of post-graduate students.  The focus of each workshop depends on your needs, and can include ... experiencing academic writing as a creative process, enhancing writing skills, overcoming writing obstacles, building good habits, reviewing current status of and relationship to your dissertation, using writing as a tool of inquiry, distilling essence, re[...]
  Writing with voice is finding what you want to say, and having the conviction to say it. Craft is the means to say it well. Write for Development workshops are customised for each client and offer a range of writing tools, exercises and activities geared to enhance your capacity to document well. Skills learnt can be applied to any professional writing task, from everyday emails to p[...]
The general purpose of writeshops (from the words writing + workshop) is to involve a group of people in writing a joint publication such as a book, annual report, manual, collection of stories, research paper, learning history, organisational or community biography – anything that would benefit from drawing on a wide range of perspectives and experience. The possibilities are endless, but the com[...]