My ed20160412_092428itorial services ensure that writers achieve a finished piece that captures their purpose, key message and personality with flair. The level of editorial intervention, from unobtrusive feedback to a thorough over-write, is determined in consultation with each client. I specialise in reports, collaboratively produced documents, plain English editing, and working with those writing in their second or third language.

Examples of editorial assignments:

Word of mouth

We highly enjoyed working with Sandra who was a great source of advice and inspiration for us throughout our learning journey on this pilot project. We particularly appreciated her innovative and proactive approach to her assignment, which took a lot of the thinking work out of our hands and made sure that the raw stories prepared by the authors were presented in a format that brought the best out of them. Both the process and the end result were wonderful. - Karijn

Sandra showed great skill as an editor and I was particularly impressed with the way in which she was so quickly able to come to terms with the work that we are involved in. She has an eye for detail and worked well with the authors to ensure that the chapters were well edited but did not lose the essence of what they were trying to convey. - Shaun

Sandra’s excellent editing and writing skills helped to transform the individual reports from across different regions of the world into a content rich yet engaging action research finding report aptly named “The heart of organisational learning”. Sandra has the unique ability to facilitate generation of content, to synthesise it into meaningful conceptual categories, and to transform mundane text into words and phrases which are alive and real. - Namrate

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