Write for Development: an approach to professional writing – also available on email

There are two key areas of learning in writing: (i) finding your voice, and (ii) mastering the craft. Seamus Heaney.


Writing with voice is finding what you want to say, and having the conviction to say it.

Craft is the means to say it well.

Write for Development workshops are customised for each client and offer a range of writing tools, exercises and activities geared to enhance your capacity to document well. Skills learnt can be applied to any professional writing task, from everyday emails to proposals, reports, articles, blog posts, conference papers, case studies, and even books.

Write for Development will help you and your colleagues grow in confidence as writers, develop essential writing skills, understand and streamline the writing process, work effectively with guidelines and audience expectations, generate and organise ideas and information, use stories and poetry to animate your writing, convey the real impact of your work, and develop new forms of feedback that enhance critical thinking, innovation and organisational well-being.

Email based Write for Development workshops and courses are available and highly recommended especially where members of your organisation or team are widely dispersed.



Contact Sandra to discuss your requirements and availability. Fees available on request.


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Word of mouth

If you ever need credible M&E evidence of the positive impact of your work, I'm it: No more agonizing over the words to put forth the "perfect" phrase/sentence/paragraph; but simply getting on with - and repeatedly refining - the writing process. Your course was the most liberating experience. - Nokukhanya

Slowly and gently the introduction to different tools freed my ideas and helped them to flow. I am surprised by the quality of information that came out. I learnt that writers are not born ... anyone can learn to write. - Solomon

The course transformed my experience of the ‘stuck time’ before writing into ‘creative time’… it gave me permission and tools to explore my topic in many different ways before expecting myself to come up with anything I would give anyone else to read… this means I can write richer… with all of me, heart, mind, body. - Tanya

Writing was like carrying a heavy bag of cement. But now it is different. - Jestina

I can write to benefit readers. I can be a voice for the voiceless. - Felix